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“Metron Ariston - Making Responsibility a Trend”, 

is a non-profit organization that promotes responsibility of the trade, by the trade to the society.

​“Metron Ariston” is a famous saying of Cleobulus -one of the Seven Sages of Greece- that states: “Moderation is Best”.

The industry that “Metron Ariston – Making Responsibility a Trend” is primarily addresses to is Alcohol & Spirits Sector, and . 

It incorporates on an equal ground the bartending community and the consumers, the first ones as Sector’s “influencers” and the second as “Followers”.



responsibility of the trade, by the trade to the society

As the name implies the scope of this organization is to help creating a culture of responsibility on the broader alcohol and spirit sector.

Starting from the production stage, where the benefits of utilizing environmental friendly techniques and methodologies are demonstrated, up to the stage of discerning consumption and bi-product recycling, the concept remains constant.


Support local communities by encouraging professionals who are engaged in production spirits industry to use local products whenever applicable, in ways that minimizing the environmental footprint. To maintain and utilize local (endemic) species helping maintaining biodiversity.  


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